Thomas and the Robot (Thomas & Friends)

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Thomas the Tank Engine meets a robot in this exciting new Thomas & Friends(TM) Little Golden Book!

When a technology fair comes to the Island of Sodor, Thomas the Tank Engine is worried that robots and faster trains will replace him. But when thieves try to steal plans for a flying car, Thomas saves the day and proves that steam engines are really useful! Train-loving boys and girls ages 2-5--and Little Golden Book collectors of all ages--will love this exciting new Thomas & Friends(TM) Little Golden Book.

In the early 1940s, a loving father crafted a small blue wooden train engine for his son, Christopher. The stories that this father, the Reverend W Awdry, made up to accompany the wonderful toy were first published in 1945 and became the basis for the Railway Series, a collection of books about Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends--and the rest is history. Thomas & Friends(TM) are now a big extended family of engines and others on the Island of Sodor. They appear not only in books but also in television shows and movies, and as a wide variety of beautifully made toys. The adventures of Thomas and his friends, which are always, ultimately, about friendship, have delighted generations of train-loving boys and girls for more than 70 years and will continue to do so for generations to come.