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Liza Lewis

Lift the Flap and Learn: French 1,2,3

Lift the Flap and Learn: French 1,2,3

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Learn to count to ten in English and French and build vocabulary with this bright, quirky board book.

Have you ever wondered what an elephant riding a skateboard would look like? Or how about four lions on scooters? Meet lots of different, and very funny, animals as they set out on their travels in this bilingual English–French, interactive flap book.

In Lift the Flap and Learn: French 1,2,3 toddlers aged 3-5 will enjoy learning how to count to ten and pick-up plenty of French vocabulary along the way. With gorgeous illustrations, fun flaps, and a bunch of hilarious characters, this is the perfect educational vocabulary book for adults to share with their little ones.

This fun and engaging bilingual book for children features:

- A soft and comedic introduction to learning a new language, as well as learning numbers and counting.
- Flaps children can lift, an interactive, novelty element, which helps toddlers develop their fine motor skills and promotes interactive learning. Flaps uncover the French translations and complete the picture, so little ones can count all the characters.
- Numbers 1 to 10 with simple descriptive sentences in both English and French to develop vocabulary. 
- Charming and colorful illustrations to keep toddlers engaged as they learn.

Lift the Flap and Learn: French 1,2,3 teaches simple and descriptive sentences in English and French to toddlers, which is the best time for them to learn a second language, as the brain is in its most flexible stage. This imaginatively illustrated, lift-the-flap, bilingual book introduces children to counting, numbers and basic vocabulary.
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