Nova Scotia Landmarks

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Aerial photographs of the patterns of the natural landscape and the imprint of man-made structures.

From an airplane, the world below looks like Gulliver's Lilliput. This change of view has fascinated photographer Len Wagg since he first started flying at age 13. He has flown over Nova Scotia in all seasons and focused his camera on a wide variety of landscapes from the air.
This book offers more than 100 fascinating and beautiful images of Nova Scotia's distinctive geography, carefully reproduced in large format. They show views from every part of Nova Scotia including its coastline, cities, forests, villages, rivers and lakes. Featured in these unforgettable images are:

* Canso Causeway * Keltic Lodge * Fortress Louisbourg * Pictou Harbour * Cape d'Or * Five Islands * Halifax Harbour
* Cape Split * Lunenburg Academy