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Dougie Poynter

Plastic Sucks!

Plastic Sucks!

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How can YOU help save our planet? This awesome and inspiring guide, written by musician and environmental activist Dougie Poynter, will tell you how to get involved in the mission to cut out single-use plastic.

Plastic is everywhere and it sucks. It fills up our oceans, endangers our wildlife and never goes away. So it's time to take action, find ways to cut down our plastic use, and help protect our environment. Together we can make a difference!

From the history of plastic to the effects of plastic on our planet to the innovations in plastic clean up and alternative materials, this book breaks down the plastic problem into easy digestible chapters (including "What's Going On", "Innovations in Cleanup," and "How to Create Change") that are packed with illustrations. And this isn't just a history of what's gone wrong with our environment; it's a handbook on how to change the world for better, empowering you to make everyday choices that help solve the plastic problem once and for all.

Plastic Sucks! How YOU Can Reduce Single-Use Plastic and Save Our Planet shows us how we can all make small changes and become champions for our planet.

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