Let It Go

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Learn to embrace change and the journey through life’s stages with this inspiring guided journal, Let It Go.

Soar toward lighter, brighter days!

Starting now, give yourself permission to enjoy all the good around you. It’s not easy to feel free when unrealistic expectations become a burden and you get stuck in the dark clouds of other people’s drama. Take time to lighten your life and seek sunshine with Let It Go. More than 120 pages of freeing words and journaling prompts will help you release all that’s holding you back, so you can cruise to a happier heart and refreshing destinations.

- Lift your spirit as you drop all that’s weighing you down
- Shift your energy toward meaningful goals and moments
- Move past your fears and find new magic

Christine Schultz's Let It Go will inspire you to live your life untethered, find gratitude in everyday joys, and chase the big dreams you keep pushing aside!