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Highlights Learning

Highlights Preschool Learning Workbook Pack

Highlights Preschool Learning Workbook Pack

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This set of four single-subject preschool workbooks is teacher-approved and blends Hidden Pictures® puzzles, humor, and skills practice to pave the way for school success.

Each book is individually focused on a single subject area and is designed to help preschoolers acquire essential skills and lifelong learning confidence in a way they'll enjoy.

  • COLORS, SHAPES, AND PATTERNS has activities in color identification, shape attributes, and pattern recognition.
  • TRACING AND PEN CONTROL contains exercises to build fine-motor skills, pen control and prewriting skills, and shape recognition.
  • NUMBERS includes activities in recognizing and writing the numbers 1 to 15, counting, and comparing and ordering numbers.
  • LETTERS concentrates on alphabet order and beginning letter sounds, tracing and writing letters, and matching uppercase and lowercase letters.
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