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Richard Marazano

The Three Ghosts Of Tesla (Graphic Novel)

The Three Ghosts Of Tesla (Graphic Novel)

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Science meets the supernatural in award winning cartoonist Richard Marazano's graphic novel, when the eccentricities of infamous engineer and inventor, Nikola Tesla, are warped into a terrifying mystery during World War Two.

Amidst the chaos of World War Two, New York is a city of mistrust and melancholy. Rumors abound of German submarines landing on the east coast, mysterious appearances - and disappearances - on the banks of the East River, Thomas Edison's laboratories under supervision of the FBI, experiments of terrible secret weapons by the Japanese forces in the Pacific...

Yet Nikola Tesla, probably the only scientist whose originality and brilliant inventions are likely to provide a solution to the destructive war, is nowhere to be found!

One summer in 1942, young Travis moves with his mother to a furnished hotel in Manhattan. Little does he know that his enigmatic neighbor will take him on an adventure with terrible and shocking scientific ramifications...
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