2023 LEGO Daily Builds Calendar

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Start each day with a LEGO® build! This colorful page-a-day calendar offers daily prompts and fresh building ideas for LEGO fans of all skill levels.

This unique tear-off desk calendar will inspire LEGO fans to activate their imaginations, and their bricks, with inspiration for a new build every day of the year! The full-color pages offer building prompts and ideas that range from easy to hard, silly to seasonal and require no new sets-you can use the LEGO bricks you already own! Whether you are looking for a creative way to kick-start your morning, a midday reminder to focus, or just a new way to play with the bricks you love, this daily calendar celebrates the endless possibilities of LEGO bricks.

GIFTABLE: This is the must-have gift for LEGO lovers! Beautiful to display, this calendar inspires and delights with its imaginative visuals.

FRESH LEGO IDEAS: This calendar contains 365 new ways to build with the bricks you own. A perfect add-on gift for any LEGO set, this calendar helps extend the fun with inspiration for a full year of creative play!

FUN FOR ALL: This calendar is perfect for adults and fans ages 9+. Creativity has no age limit! Fans of all ages can proudly display their love of the LEGO brand.

DAILY INSPIRATION: Every day of the year (with weekends combined) features unique building prompts, offering daily inspiration and endless possibilities.

PLASTIC-FREE MATERIALS: 100% plastic-free packaging and product!

Perfect for:
• LEGO lovers and collectors, and casual LEGO fans alike
• Nostalgic adults reconnecting with the brand
• Parents and families
• Art lovers

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