Traitors & Turncoats

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From Judas to John Brown, Mata Hari to Sammy "The Bull" Graviano?a gripping narrative of treachery, farce, and folly across three millennia of world history
The stories in this action-packed collection range from a British seaman in World War II who sold information to the Germans for a pittance, to the White Rose gang's defiant campaign against Hitler; from the recusant terrorism of Guy Fawkes, to the abolitionist fury of John Brown; from the unwitting treason of Lady Jane Grey, to the deadly perfidy of Mata Hari. Thoroughly researched and grippingly told, these tales of treachery embrace cowardice and cupidity, high tension and terrible tragedy. People have betrayed their country, or their friends, for all kinds of different reasons?and one person's traitor may be another person's hero, especially as those found guilty of treason have usually faced only one penalty: death. This book contains a wonderful array of stories on a wide range of historical figures, from the well-known to the obscure.