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With fresh, authentic ingredients readily available today at ethnic markets and supermarkets, preparing Asian meals at home has never been easier or more satisfying. Asian Cooking presents some 200 recipes, most accompanied by full-color photos of the completed dish.The cookbook is arranged in nine chapters, plus an extensive introduction to the types and ingredients of Asian foods. Here's a sample of recipes from Asian Cooking:Appetizers. Includes Thai Lamb and Couscous Rolls, Pot Stickers, and Creamy Honey Sesame Dip for Vegetables.Salads. Includes Asian Brown Rice and Peanut Salad Toss, Shanghai Salad (with shrimp), Gingered Pork Tenderloin Salad, and lots of dressings that liven up any salad, Asian or Western.Poultry. Includes Kung Pao Chicken, Mu Shu Turkey, Easy Oriental Chicken Sandwich, and Orange-Ginger Broiled Cornish Hen.Beef. Includes Green Dragon Stir-Fry, Szechwan Beef Lo Mein, and Korean Broiled Beef