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Barbara Coloroso

Parenting Through Crisis

Parenting Through Crisis

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Being a parent is both a joy and one of life's greatest challenges. In Parenting through Crisis, renowned childrearing educator Babara Coloroso helps parents navigate family waters when they get turbulent. What do we tell our children when their grandfather dies? How do we respond to their distress when the family home is lost? How do we break the news of a divorce? How do we help young children cope when their cherished caregiver quits? And how do we make room for their feelings and needs when we are struggling with our own grief?

Introducing the TAO of Family —time, affection and optimism—Barbara Coloroso gives practical answers to difficult questions and illustrates her messages with anecdotes and, humour. With chapters on the special challenges of adoption, single parent homes and stepfamilies, as well as extended discussions on handling the consequences of mischief and mayhem, Parenting through Crisis provides useful approaches to life's most daunting situations.

Honest, compassionate and unswervingly helpful, Parenting through Crisis is a must-read for all parents, in good times or bad.
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