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Minnie Darke

With Love from Wish & Co.

With Love from Wish & Co.

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A professional gift buyer fights to protect her reputation--and keep things businesslike with the handsome son of her biggest client--in this charming novel from the author of Star-Crossed and The Lost Love Song.

Two boxes, both alike in size and shape . . .

Marnie Fairchild is the brains and talent behind Wish & Co., a boutique store that offers a bespoke gift-buying service to wealthy clients with complicated lives. Brian Charlesworth is Marnie's most prized customer, and today she's wrapping the perfect anniversary gift for his wife, Suzanne . . . and a birthday present for his mistress, Leona. What could possibly go wrong?

Soon Brian is in a fight to rescue his marriage, and Marnie is scrabbling to keep her business alive. With the situation so complicated, the last thing Marnie needs is to fall for Brian and Suzanne's gorgeous son, Luke.

With Love from Wish & Co. is a heartwarming novel about what we are prepared to give, and give up, in the name of love.
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