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Creative Journals for Kids

My First Gratitude Journal

My First Gratitude Journal

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Grateful kids are happy kids!

Practicing gratitude increases happiness, improves self-esteem, and lowers levels of stress—and this easy-to-use journal is sure to help kids tap into that extraordinary power for the first time. Through writing and drawing, children will learn to give daily thanks for the good in their lives. Every ten days they’ll respond to more in-depth prompts that ask them to think about gratitude on a broader scale. Best of all, they’ll develop a healthy habit for the rest of their lives.

My First Gratitude Journal features:

  • EASY TO USE PAGES: Simple daily prompts make the journal easy to use and thought-provoking at the same time.
  • WRITING AND DRAWING: Each daily page is split into halves—the top half for writing and the bottom half for drawing. Kids can be as creative as they want to make the journal their own.
  • THE BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE: Slowing down to appreciate the good in their lives teaches kids how to be both mindful and grateful.
  • A CHARMING KEEPSAKE: Parents and children will enjoy reading this journal years down the road to see what they were grateful for in their childhood.
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