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Everyday Lessons #2: Don't Get Angry! (Disney/Pixar Inside Out)

Everyday Lessons #2: Don't Get Angry! (Disney/Pixar Inside Out)

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Includes over 30 stickers! Anger learns to control his temper in this new social-emotional learning storybook based on Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out from the Everyday Lessons series.

Riley is babysitting a grumpy toddler, and with Anger at the control panel, she grows more and more frustrated. Luckily, Joy, Sadness, and the other emotions from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out are there to help Anger think of strategies to cool his hot head, and help Riley calm down a tantrum throwing toddler with those same strategies! Complete with over 30 stickers, this fun storybook is great for children ages 3 to 7 who are learning about emotions!

The new Everyday Lessons series uses familiar and beloved Disney characters to teach social-emotional topics to kids such as accepting differences, being polite, and trying new things.
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