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Sheri Glucoft Wong, LCSW

Raising Kids

Raising Kids

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In Raising Kids, family therapist and parent educator Sheri Glucoft Wong and Silicon Valley private school head Olaf Jorgenson team up to deliver a down-to-earth guide to parenting that is as encouraging as it is illuminating.

With its easy-to-grasp language and tools, Raising Kids is there for you, from managing family routines, screen time, and homework, to supporting friendships, self-esteem, and resilience. You’ll find out how being “on your spot” leads to fewer conflicts and replaces threats, nagging, and punishment with clear, effective messages that make sense to your kids.  

The authors focus on everyday parenting because how we relate to our children day-to-day forms their sense of themselves, their connection to us, and their ways of being in the world. No interaction we have with our kids is too small to strengthen our bond with them, impart our values, build their confidence, and to demonstrate communicating, relating, and caring. You’ll learn how to be on your kids’ side and get them on yours as you navigate daily life.

Thousands of parents with toddlers through adolescents have benefited from the wisdom and reassurance that is now available in this straightforward guide. Along with offering approaches to address the challenges, Raising Kids shows you how to build on what you’re already doing well to maximize the good times in your family life today and in the years ahead.
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