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Highlights Learn-and-Play Math Stamper Games

Highlights Learn-and-Play Math Stamper Games

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Who knew kindergarten math could be so fun? Kindergarteners can practice numbers, counting, adding, subtracting and more with this activity book that transforms math exercises into dozens of games for them to enjoy as they build essential school skills — all while having tons of fun!

With 64 pages of full-color kindergarten math activities, this comprehensive book-gaming experience provides a hands-on learning experience with included washable, self-inking multicolored stampers and 36 write-on wipe-off flashcards that turn learning about math into an interactive game. With an attached clamshell holder and included envelope, all components are stored neatly within the set, making it great for on-the-go, hassle-free entertainment.

Developed by educators to build core skills important to kindergarten success, this activity book features dozens of kindergarten math games and activities designed to be played either individually or alongside friends and family. From classic Hidden Pictures scenes to search to engaging board games with math-focused missions, this collection of math games for kindergarten blends teacher-approved skills practice with kid-approved fun bringing excitement and fun to learning. Kids stay interested and engaged as they practice a wide range of developmentally appropriate math concepts, such as number-writing, counting, adding, subtracting, comparing groups, classifying objects and organizing data through solving puzzles and playing games that reinforce math skills.
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