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A.H. Benjamin

Ten Stories to Explore Feelings

Ten Stories to Explore Feelings

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This collection from the Let's Read Together series contains 10 paperback picture books that promote social and emotional growth. Young readers will learn to recognize and understand their feelings and the feelings of others through stories that introduce gentle lessons.

The stories in this unique collection of ten paperback picture books promote social and emotional learning by helping young children to understand their feelings as well as the feelings of others. Through gentle, accessible lessons, the characters in these books learn how to handle a variety of situations, such as accepting a new friend; finding ways to deal with strong emotions like worry and anger; and realizing that true happiness comes not from material possessions but from interpersonal relationships with family and friends. 

Let's Read Together is an ideal series to share special reading time with a child while introducing important gentle lessons. The series explores a variety of topics, including friendship, acceptance, teamwork, and empathy, all the while encouraging the development of language and reading skills.
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