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Steve Ahnael Nobel

Joy at Work

Joy at Work

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Fun and practical guide to finding joy in your work by applying Buddhist values from MBS mover-and-shaker Steve Nobel.

With growing numbers of people feeling discontented at work in a post-pandemic era of the great resignation, Joy @ Work offers essential reading. Whether you are feeling aimless and bored, only hanging on for the monthly wage, stressed, overworked or burnt out, this book offers a simple philosophy: suffering happens – but we can transform it. Using Buddhist principles, Steve Nobel guides us to realising our innate gifts and reconnecting us with our authentic selves. 
By working through practical exercises and calming meditations you can:

  • Learn to trust your instincts
  • Reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Rediscover your creativity
  • Create copying strategies for when you're stressed
  • Renew your love for work 

The world of work is evolving and Steve prompts you to change with it; transform your happy, unprofessional life into one of self-worth, passion and purpose. Let loose your trapped potential to find the work you were born to do, whether that is falling back in love with your job or moving on and finding different work that inspires you.
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