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Mike Johnson

Blade Runner: Origins Vol. 3: Burning (Graphic Novel)

Blade Runner: Origins Vol. 3: Burning (Graphic Novel)

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An exciting new graphic novel! Welcome to the world of Blade Runner 2009 and the birth of the BLADE RUNNER DIVISION.

The slums of LA are ablaze.

Tyrell executive Ilora Stahl, head of a secret programme to transfer human consciousness into Replicant hosts has launched an all-out attack on Sector 6-b determined to flush out and kill a renegade Replicant called Nia, who was once part of her covert programme.

Having escaped, Nia has been triggering logic short-circuits in the organic programming of once loyal Replicant servants, causing them to rebel against their human masters.

Now as Ilora’s security force of Replicants attack the city, ex-LAPD detective CAL MOREAUX has teamed up with an escaped experimental REPLICANT called Asa, who has been uploaded with the consciousness of a dead Tyrell scientist. Together they must expose Ilora’s conspiracy before the city burns to the ground.

Writers K. Perkins & Mellow Brown, and artists Fernando Dagnino and Marco Lesko have brought a powerful new dynamic to the future noir world of Blade Runner as they explore themes of gender identity, human exploitation and slavery set against the backdrop of world on the brink of ecological collapse and rampant unchecked genetic manipulation.
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