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Juliana Sharaf

What Would Harry Do?

What Would Harry Do?

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Throughout J.K. Rowling's incredible seven book series (and subsequent films), Harry Potter stood as a beacon of bravery, daring and unexpected wisdom.

For 25 years, since first being published in 1998, Harry Potter and the rest of his Wizarding World companions have presented us with high drama, action, life, death and even a little romance. The things that Harry and his friends experienced, as well as the lessons taught to them by allies, mentors and even opponents, can give us all a little guidance when it comes to addressing life's everyday challenges, both big and small.

Presenting more than 40 life lessons inspired by the Wizarding World series, this book addresses matters such reinventing oneself, believing that you can achieve victory over unimaginable odds, having faith in the face of crisis, learning to let your friends help, venturing into parts unknown without fear and much more. Readers will also find quotes and images that inspire them to take heart and comfort no matter what they may face.

With references to the books, films, stage play and more, What Would Harry Do? provides answers to the questions we all face with magical insight and wizardly wisdom.

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