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Supersize your storage with this practical 3 ring pouch. It's ready to secure inside any binder with reinforced grommets that won't rip or tear. The pixelated print and matching zipper pull are guaranteed to create storage-envy each time you use it. ZIPIT is famous for its one-zipper design featured on this oversized pencil bag. A special sewing technique hides the zipper, and the extra wide opening makes it easy to access everything inside quickly and easily.

Use it to store: Up to 50 pens and pencils School and office supplies Cell phone and cell phone accessories Money and more Bold and Beautiful Colorful pixel-prints on a binder-ready oversized pouch gives you everything you need to get and stay organized. One large compartment means you can store both small and large items within easy reach. Lifetime Warranty ZIPIT is pleased to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects just by registering your purchase on our website.