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I Broke the World: A Rollicking Dystopian Comedy

I Broke the World: A Rollicking Dystopian Comedy

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Clarity Trout is an agoraphobic girl with a dream. Despite cowering in her apartment, Clarity yearns to be a journalist for a major news outlet. (Her bland refrigerator blog just isn’t cutting it) But after a misunderstanding during her application process with Verisimilitude Media, Clarity accidentally causes the world to end.

Chaos ensues when Clarity and her eclectic neighbors are all confined indefinitely to their apartments, while an invisible cataclysm brews outside. Otto’s Cat Cafe is shut down, music is banned, random items are confiscated, a lion roams the streets, parents must make Armageddon fun, and pistachios are issued randomly as a kind of warped caste system. All the while, an eccentric internet influencer exploits the apocalyptic mess, a doomsday prophet shrieks warnings from his balcony and a professor of moral philosophy is shaking his head in bewilderment.

Can a vainglorious prime minister and his gaggle of inept politicians save mankind from itself? And is it bad that Clarity is oddly relieved that she may never have to leave her apartment again?
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