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Lovesick Lake: A Darkish Romantic Farce

Lovesick Lake: A Darkish Romantic Farce

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Socially awkward indie writer, Lydia Knapp is desperate to get out of Toronto. Plagued with annoying bouts of social anxiety, a soul-sucking day job, a noisy and uninspiring city and now an unreasonable deadline, Lydia has no idea how she can build her writing career without losing her sanity.

The solution? She moves to a remote cottage on a forgotten lake.

With her husband, Hunter travelling months at a time for work, Lydia can finally focus on her writing with literally no distractions. Her only neighbor is a freaky recluse across the lake with seemingly no desire to interact with Lydia. (Except when he skulks around and stares at her, but what else would you expect from a freaky recluse?)

But can Lydia endure the tedious isolation without resorting to conversations with chipmunks? Luckily, a beguiling guy named Granger moves into the vacant cottage next door, and with their shared interest in random literary quotes, this could be the friendship Lydia has been craving. The only problem is, Granger is a little too irresistible, and Lydia is a little too married.

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